Detail Information

David Leung

Head of Audio & Lighting Ministry : David Leung

Contact Number: 0413-596-672

Commitment: twice a week

While the worship team’s role is to usher the congregation through the gates of praise, the backstage ministry is akin to the gatekeeper who facilitates the entry. Standing on the front line with the preacher and the worship team, the backstage ministry is responsible for delivering the message and the music with clarity to the congregation and masses.
Besides being equipped with the tools of the trade, sound engineers are constantly placed under challenging situations where quick thinking and an effective problem-solving attitude becomes a vital requisite.
Continuous trade training also ensures that the ministry stays relevant and updated within the world of audio engineering. This is essential as the backstage ministry often has the privilege to work with some of the best musicians in the region.

Lights have always played a big role in enhancing all our services. A clever interplay of colored lights mixed with various textures and tones is often the key to creating the right mood and feel of a production or performance. From cool, soft hues to loud, dramatic tones, the appropriate lighting will produce and achieve the suitable effect needed for the stage. In this ministry, you get to work hand in hand with the backstage ministry. If you are interested in creating lighting effects, then sign up for this new dynamic ministry today!